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Acceleration Program

When not to apply?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions - please don't apply! Everyone else - regardless of your gender, origin, religion, etc. - we want to hear from you!!!

  • Are you a single founder and not willing to share your success with other co-founders?
  • Do you enjoy your current job so much that you're not ready to commit full time for the startup?
  • Are you afraid that, if you talk about it, someone will steal your idea? 
  • Are you smart enough to run the startup without any help and just need the money?
  • Do you believe that your product is so perfect that you don't need feedback from potential users?
  • Is your idea so unique that there is no competition out there?

What is the key industry focus of Buildit Latvia?

We accept teams that are creating exciting and fresh solutions in the following areas:

Solutions for Industry (B2B):

  • IoT and Connected Industry
  • Software for productivity

Smart Living (B2C):

  • Energy
  • Mobility
  • HealthTech

What does the 'full stack accelerator' mean?

We offer more than the 'average' accelerators. Usually, accelerated teams find it hard to get a follow-on funding to keep working on the product. Therefore we're bridging that gap in the market and have what we like to call a 'full-stack accelerator' - a Pre-Seed fund & Accelerator Program (4 months) and additional Seed fund with a follow-on support program (2+ years).

How do I get in the Accelerator program?

  1. Apply through the form on (applications are always open but the selection is made twice a year);
  2. Update your application as you develop the product or expand the team;
  3. If your product is selected to the interview round, we'll get in touch;
  4. Don't despair if you weren't selected! Instead, work even harder and prove us wrong in the next batch! Seeing dedication and further development of the product will catch our attention more likely than being aggressive or offensive. We can only accept ~10 teams in each batch so the competition is hard.

Do you invest and take equity during the Accelerator program?

In the Pre-Seed stage we're ready to invest up to EUR 50'000 as a convertible loan with discount and valuation cap. There can be exceptions where we invest straight into equity.

Why 'up to EUR 50'000'? What does it depend on?

Since each team might be in a different development stage, we'll set the milestones and KPIs individually at the beginning of each Program stage. Evaluations whether the investment is being spent wisely and there is a visible development of the product according to the KPIs will also be made case-by-case to make the decisions of follow-on funding.

Is the program virtual or physical?

As it is not 100% clear whether there are going to be any restrictions related to Covid 19, we run a hybrid type of program. Definitely, we see much added value in seeing people face to face.

What are the key areas covered during the acceleration program?

Based on previous experience, these topics are the most important and help startups become investable at the next stage.

  1. Problem & Solution fit / Positioning;
  2. Storytelling & Pitching;
  3. Fundraising / Financials;
  4. Manufacturing / Product Development

In addition, we cover topic related to ESG factors as they become more and more important on successful business.

*ESG stands for Environmental; Social and Governance.

Anything I should keep in mind before applying?

If incubators' business is to keep participants alive, then accelerators’ business is to help strong ones to become even more stronger.

Do not expect Buildit will tell you what should be done and which direction to go. It is your choice and your decision. Buildit can give you advice of what to expect and how to walk the path you have chosen.

The company is already incorporated somewhere else. Can I still apply?

Yes, that is fine. We'll help you with the registration and legal settlements.

Follow-on Program

What is the Seed fund Follow-on program and how do I get in?

The Follow-on program (or “Build-On” stage, as we call it) is an ongoing tailored mentoring program for the best of the crop. For the brightest of the shiny. For the crème de la crème of the Accelerator graduates. You will have an appointed advisor to follow the progress, attract the necessary mentors & experts and make the intros.  

Is Buildit offering Seed Investment?

Yes, if you are selected for the “Build-On” stage, Buildit will invest up to EUR 250'000 and either lead the round or serve as a guaranty for other investors who are interested in investing in your company.

What about the equity?

The equity we're taking depends on the valuation before the Seed Round and other potential investors joining the round.

Startup Requirements

Is there any practical advice on how best to prepare the application and get accepted at BuildIt?

A: To maximise the chance of getting selected, the teams should have:

  • a working prototype / MVP;
  • a strong team with relevant skills and experience;
  • integrity & receptiveness to being coached;
  • confidence that the program can help their challenges;
  • unique selling proposition;
  • growing market.

Why not single founders?

Our Acceleration program is pretty hard-core (pun intended) and the chances of survival are much higher if you have a team to share the tasks with. We'll accept your 'one-man team' if you show that you can take the startup to the next level on your own but are willing to find co-founders in the process.

Can my company be too experienced to apply?

The Pre-seed Accelerator program is most useful for Early-stage & Pre-seed companies. Regardless, even teams that have worked together for several years and already have traction on market can benefit as the program can be tweaked to fit the needs of the founders.

Do you accept teams that have been through another accelerator?

Yes, we do. Recently many startups decide to go through more than just one accelerator since different accelerators work with startups in different phases. As long as you feel that our programme is what you need - go for it!

Do you accept startups from the whole world?

Yes. Global startups from all around the world are welcome to apply. Mind that we expect you to incorporate in Latvia during the acceleration program.

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