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Lauma Muižniece

Latvian Council of Science

Lauma is the Director of Technology Department at the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia – an organization actively involved in supporting and facilitating knowledge and technology transfer and entrepreneurship in Latvia. She is also a PhD candidate at Tallinn University of Technology with her research topic being Technology Governance. Commercialization of research and intellectual property management are her fields of expertise that she has developed by working with and within research organizations.


Mārtiņš Viļums


Ever-learning marketer with roots in tech startups. During last 15 years I have taken senior marketing positions in B2C and B2B companies and startups like Dommo real estate, AirDog drones, Catchbox microphones. Currently part of the amazing CENOS (simulation software) team, with 100% growth YoY.


Kristaps Pētersons

Presentation Guild

With more than 10 years of experience in crafting high-stakes presentations. His clients include international businesses, organisations and governments from U.S., Europe and United Arab Emirates. Currently he’s the CEO of content marketing agency “EK Stream” and one of the partners in media platform “DIENA PĒC”.


Hamit Kanuni Kuralkan


For the past 10 years I have been working on product development and manufacturing. Having founded and scaled a startup myself, I have been through the same challenges any startup goes through. Now I am working with other startups to help develop their initial run and scaling roadmaps as well as organize mold making and manufacturing through our inhouse services.


Ernests Štāls

Superheroe Capital

Serial entrepreneur - as a startup founder, He has had hard lessons to learn about hiring, company culture building from scratch, and raising funds to run the business. Also, he's a co-founder and board member of TechHub Riga - startup co-working space in Riga and TechChill now part of a Superhero Capital team as a Venture partner.


Stoyan Yankov

Stoyan Consult

Productivity & Performance Coach | Startup Mentor


M. Wallace Green

Actnow Ventures

Wallace, the guy who coached startup founders to Pitch Like Rock Stars also works hands-on with startup founders on positioning, experimentation, marketing & sales funnel development and fundraising.


Indrek Põldvee

B2B Growth

"Indrek is the co-founder of Sorry as a Service and he has also run Storytek accelerator program in Fall 2018 as the program manager. Indrek is TechStars London 2015 alumni. Now he is building the only LinkedIn focused agency in Baltics, B2B Growth.


Viesturs Sosārs

TechHub Riga

Viesturs is a serial entrepreneur who currently helps others to build products and services that customers need.


Gleb Maltsev


Prior to handling marketing at a top investment bank, he has founded and helped building startups like a company that received broad international recognition and was hailed as the next Skype for the fashion industry. He's also a co-founder of Fundwise- a crowd investment platform for SME's in CEE region.


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