Batch #12, 2020

Meet the teams creating the products of the future.  
The 5th Buildit batch in Latvia supported by ALTUM

Batch 8

AG Vibez

Creators of a tactile audio shirt that let us feel the music vibrations through the body.

NACO Technologies

Specialized nano-coatings and new materials for green hydrogen systems.


App-controlled toys for partners to explore their sexuality in long distance.


Teleoperations solutions for autonomous vehicles and machines

Batch #11


Trapeze shaped modular LED lighting panels for videographers

Spirulina Nord

Superfood - spirulina cultivated by innovative technology adapted for Nordic climate


Beehive monitoring system that provides real-time data to beekeepers, helping them take care of their colonies by saving time and reducing bee mortality.


Industry 4.1. warehouse management solution

Batch #10


World's First Smart Multi-Utility Travel Backpack, Your Virtual Travel Assistant.


Real storm experience for entertainment and education.

Pulse & Fidelity

Bringing back the big music from streaming by turning your speakers into audiophile-grade wireless streamers.


Premium Toothbrush For Travelers.


Purchase snacks & items on the go.


The most compact and simple to use timekeeping system for athletes.

Batch #9


The helping hand in your home - a robot for people with movement impairment issues


Robotic catering solutions developing fully robotized restaurant system

Purpose AM Systems

Filament dryer for FFF 3D printing technology


AI-powered industrial safety camera

The Littery

When litter hit the bins - everybody wins! Cleaner communities with less litter and happier citizens at a lower cost


Providing clinics with 3D printed cast service to offer cutting-edge fracture treatment of 21st century


The next generation NB-IoT tracker devices for pets, bicycles, valuables, and even your kids


Products for connecting vehicles to each other and the surrounding infrastructure (V2X)

AKO Trike

All-electric leaning inverse trike with the first-in-the segment kinematics & exterior solutions

Batch #8


Winmill develops computer vision aided robotic systems for sports


The first print-on-demand lamp

Torq Labs

Connected Clothing for Lower Body Safety and Performance Improvement


Filling in the void between crypto and fiat-currencies


Device for boosting sperm cells


Transparent open source platform for educational robotics


asya is an AI-powered app that listens to your voice and gives feedback on the impact of your words

Alternative plants

Biotechnology for sustainable production of plant derived active substances

Previous teams


The first window automation solution with a sleek design, affordable price and with just one-click installation on existing blinds.

FlipFlic Kickstarter


Plugzee is a tiny device turning any audio speakers into bluetooth speakers with high-resolution audio quality.


A cutting-edge sensor system for helping you to understand and teach wrist motion in golf. The sensor system measures 3D wrist angles and is designed for both full swing and short game.


Dilesy is developing and selling affordable interactive learning system for early childhood education in high-growth EdTech industry.

Koala Smart

Smart ID tag and tracker for dogs and cats with the power of online lost and found pet community.


Frank is the first extremely simple and powerful programmatic media buying platform for SMEs.


Analyse your shooting performance. Get instant visual feedback about your shots!


Heelosophy develops a technology that allows to measure a person's walking pattern and produce individually moulded seamless shoe insoles.


Integration and customization of 3D sensing systems, custom machine vision applications including classical and DNN-based solutions.


Coffee Cloud brings espresso machines to the cloud for precise cup-counting and real-time monitoring, with less than one month payback time for the customer.


Solution for hunters to increase hunting efficiency and safety. Huntloc helps to collect, share and manage hunting related information and gives graphical view about hunt participants positioning in real time.

Smart Load Solutions

Smart Load Solutions is a cloud based virtual power pool service to shift the electricity consumption and production to the most optimal time period possible.


GlobalReader is the easiest and most cost effective solution for production line performance monitoring.


Sprayprinter is working on an innovative solution which enables to print artwork straight onto walls.


Velmenni is developing Jugnu - a future technology which can transfer high speed data using visible light.


A measurement tool for checking surface quality of optical parts (lenses, mirrors, etc.) with hundred times higher accuracy than is available on the market.

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